We have ongoing solid relation with a network of highly reputable partners acting in all of the below verticals, and we directly contribute to their technology and business on different aspects.

Where the details vary between vertical and another, each partner got his own operational, security, safety, facility, and IT requirements to address. Along all the requirements, the main objectives remains the same:

    • Select the right solution and technology
    • Be future ready
    • Reduce cost of ownership
    • Increase site awareness
    • Improve and secure communication and facility
    • Standardize procedures
    • Attain highest possible level of integration regardless of brands or systems across all sites

We are keen to discuss how we can help our partners achieving the above together, based on ongoing implementations and vast experience of our professionals in the operation of each vertical.

Qatari Advanced Security Intelligence Management (QASIM).


Transportation vertical covers wide range of assets such as:

    • Airport
    • Port
    • Railway & Metro Network
    • Traffic Monitoring

There are endless challenges from ensuring the safety of the passengers and cargo to safeguarding the facilities and maintaining the operation and compliance. There ill be multiple of underlying systems such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Video Management System, Access Control System, Intercom, Video Wall, Fire Alarm System, Perimeter detection, Under Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Location Tracking, X-Ray machine, Lighting Control and much more, Flight Information Display System, and much more.

Public Authority

The below and not limited come under the public authority vertical:

    • City Surveillance
    • Emergency Centers
    • Government
    • Homeland Security
    • Event Security

Some of the key requirements for public authorities is enhancing security awareness and emergency readiness to generally protect critical assets and infrastructure. On another level, it is needed to coordinate the measures of law enforcement bodies to prevent disruption, maintain public order, and mitigate risk.

In such application it will be also required to monitor border crossing, smuggling, immigration checkpoints, ports of entry and others via integrating various systems like cargo screening, border surveillance, biometric identification, emergency communication network, gunshot detection system and more.

Qatari Advanced Security Intelligence Management (QASIM).


Which covers mainly:

    • Smart Cities
    • Islands
    • Offices
    • Utility Buildings

With population increasing in cities and the rise of global energy use, the challenge of our stakeholders grows to making balance between the well-being and safety of people while maintaining a sustainable future. The challenges are endless, however each challenge is a potential to become an opportunity if addressed properly with the right solution, for example public services can be either a challenge for users and operators at the same time in busy city, or a great experience and edge if customized and integrated properly in favor of users to turn into smart city experience.


Such as the following entertainment facilities:

    • Stadia
    • Hotels
    • Museums
    • Sport Clubs
    • Malls

Which is extremely difficult to manage in general because their should be a great deal of balance between two groups of users in crowded facilities, first group looking for great experience and value for money, and another group looking for act of violence, attacks, or even terrorism. It is also difficult to manage the facility during season or events time as high number of users expect to find a nearby parking, great sound system, smart technology in facility to match the experience they get at home,  crowd management to balance the queues and attain flowless entrance and exit, maintain services like convenient temperature for up to 150,000 people in condensed area who enter or exit in around 20 minutes besides managing other systems. It is equally important to manage the facility during off-season protecting the investment and minimizing the operation cost.

Qatari Advanced Security Intelligence Management (QASIM).


Listing some additional types of verticals:

    • Healthcare
    • Data Center
    • Industrial
    • Education
    • Banking