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Facial Recognition


SAFR from RealNetworks offers accurate, fast, unbiased face recognition and additional computer vision features. Optimized to run on virtually any camera — or camera-enabled device— find out how you can leverage the power of AI to enhance security and convenience.​

Video Analytics


iSentry is designed to analyse thousands of CCTV cameras in real-time and give that information to controllers immediately, in the form of video alerts enriched through multiple data points, to block out the noise of live video.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning techniques, iSentry learns what is normal and displays the abnormal. This allows operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real-time to both precursor activities and incidents.
From there, iSentry can add instant visual insight to the vast amounts of footage generated by a large scale CCTV deployment so that operators can focus on what matters.

iSentry provides the ability to identify potential security threats, operational challenges, health and safety violations and regulatory compliance issues to provide actionable insights all in one place.



Automation for Anything (A Solution for Any Challenge)​

ICONICS provides automation software solutions that visualize, historize, analyze, and mobilize real-time information for any application on any device.​

Advanced Energy Management – Reduce your organization’s energy-related costs, carbon footprint and consumption.​

Digital Analytics Retail

iViu Insights

iViu Insights provides the most precise consumer journey information through proprietary data collection and analytic solutions. Our continuing mission is to offer the best in class, scalable, and real-time positioning solutions. While world-class, our platform is easy to deploy, highly accurate, and features maximum mobile device capture rates and real-time information.


iViu’s patented and proprietary Wi-Fi sensors, called iDTags, are able to provide precise location detection and superior data for analytics systems & business intelligence solutions. Take guessing out of the equation through immediate data distribution that impacts real-time decision-making, long-term forecasting, and Machine Learning techniques.

Super App


Bring residential and management activity into a single platform, a super app. Features booking, access control, surveillance and monitoring functionalities as well as other key features aimed at user engagement and resident satisfaction.

Cloud VMS


Surveill Professional is an IP video management software (VMS) designed for businesses in need of an unrestricted number of camera channels on a single site with multiple servers for active-active clustering capabilities. Surveill Professional provides the added benefit of a customized environment, offering integrations with non-certified, third-party solutions.​

Bonded Communication

AIS Agile

State-of-the-art in interoperability systems connecting radio, cellular, satellite, hardline, and Wi-Fi for seamless, efficient, and secure communications between multiple parties/agencies​

Video Transfer

Remote IP

Secure Tunnel compresses and accelerates data transmission, by providing a fixed IP address, to allow connection to secure networks from any mobile platform.

Security Consulting


Wartell Consulting is considered to be one of the leading experts in securing facilities for mission critical and special event operations. Highly skilled in assessment, detection, analysis, and mitigation of risks while operating in a classified or commercial environment.

They are intimately familiar with operating in high threat countries and protected facilities, providing highly specialized and unique services. Consultation and assessments factor in the best technical solution with consideration for cost, scheduling, and client culture.​

Typical assessment types include:​

  • Blast Assessments​
  • Critical infrastructure and key resources​
  • Electronic security​
  • CBRN threat​
  • Cyber​
  • C-UAV​
  • Counter Espionage​
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