Security Applications

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Qatari Advanced Security Intelligence Management (QASIM).

QUEST – The next generation of PSIM

As Qatar is a mature market for Physical Security & Information Management (PSIM). The Salam Security Systems & Services [S4] team has been at the heart of the largest deployments in the State.

Noticing the end users looking for more than what the solution providers have to offer, we created a department of professional local software team competently capable of deploying and supporting of the next generation of PSIM.


Gate Access System (GAS)

Gate Access System – GAS is a software developed inhouse to manage access on different authentication levels depending on the facility security operation requirements:

    • Card
    • PIN
    • Fingerprint
    • Vehicle Plate Number
    • Face Verification

GAS accordingly grants access to gate barrier, road blocker, swing gate, turnstile or any other electronic locking mechanism.