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Leverage your data to achieve operational excellence, enhance situational awareness, and implement state-of-the-art security measures.

About Us

We thrive at the cutting edge.

Salam Security Systems & Services (S4) is part of Salam International Investment Limited, a publicly listed Qatari shareholding company. Proud of our heritage, we work hard to procure and produce the best security products the market offers.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions and subscribe to the old saying “aut inviniam viam aut faciam” – if we can’t find a way, we will make a way. We offer our service to Government and Enterprise clients with the same promise that we will work with you to fully understand and assess your requirements and then custom-build that solution for you.

S4 is committed to providing you with outstanding service.

Qatari Advanced Security Intelligence Management (QASIM).

QUEST – The next generation of PSIM

As Qatar is a mature market for Physical Security & Information Management (PSIM). The Salam Security Systems & Services [S4] team has been at the heart of the largest deployments in the State.

Not content that what the market had to offer was good enough for Qatar, we assembled a local software team for the deployment and support of the next generation of PSIM.

Overview of Services we offer

Progress is made by implementing ideas. S4 has built one of Qatar’s most substantial technology companies on this belief – and we still have far to go. Outlined below is our range of Security Services. Should you have a requirement you don’t see addressed specifically, please contact us here – we have access to a wide range of State of the Market technologies.


Software designed to integrate multiple unconnected security applications to provide command and control capabilities.

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Special Systems Maintenance

Experts in Maintaining securing facilities for critical operations.

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Gate Access System

Experience seamless control and security with our advanced gate access system.

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Development Services

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions through our comprehensive development services.

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Cyber Security

Delivering robust solutions for safeguarding digital assets through expert cybersecurity services.

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